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Hey all-- dropping a note to say that the Tam Lin charity trio is live on the site. The full profits of each one of these three candles sold ($5/candle) will be donated to Planned Parenthood in [ profile] tamnonlinear's memory.

The beautiful artwork is by Joanna Barnum, and you can see more of her work at

Spring Charity Candle Collection

JANET: The scent of a woman who knows her own mind, and whose courage saved the life of her one true love. Two freshly-plucked roses and worn brown saddle leather.

TAM LIN: The scent of an earthly knight, ensnared by the fae and doomed to a grisly fate. Tart juniper berry, green apple, woodland vines, and cassia spice.

THE FAERY QUEEN: Beauty and power that makes your blood run cold. Night-blooming flowers, a moonlit path, and a dribble of something sinister.

There are also five Spring Collection candles up for pre-order:

Spring Candle Collection

Antique Sandalwood & Madagascar Vanilla
Blueberry Muffins & Lemon Sugar
Ginger & Wild Peach
Honeycomb & Satsuma Orange
Lavender & Cream

They can all be found here: Sihaya & Company Candles
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