Nov. 4th, 2016

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Winter Candles

EVERWINTER WOODS: The scent of the mountains, shrouded in ice. A forest of evergreen and spruce, chilling ozone top notes of whipping winds, and a hint of shivering eucalyptus.

GINGERBREAD STRUDEL: Crispy, flaky dough piped with spicy gingerbread filling, and then topped with a dusting of cinnamon sugar! Delicious.

PEPPERMINT HOT CHOCOLATE: A favorite of carolers, snugglers, and even Santa himself! Rich dark hot chocolate stirred with a candy cane!

SOLSTICE: Comfort and joy on the year's longest night-- you are safe and warm with a cozy blanket and your favorite book as the snow softly falls outside and the stars twinkle above. Honeyed figs, tart bayberry, and a steaming mug of Earl Grey tea.

THE CATHEDRAL OF WINTER: The rituals of the old and the new combine in the unparalleled sanctuary of nature. Rich amber swirled with frankincense and myrrh upon on a bed of soft balsam.

THE MEMORY OF SNOW: Upon waking, you find the world outside your window blanketed in a pillowy whiteness-- pristine, untouched, and evoking a timeless sense of wonder. Silky almond cream, delicate spun sugar, a dash of nutmeg, and the memory of snow.

WINTER CABIN: A cozy retreat far away from the hustle and bustle of town. A rustic log cabin encircled by fir and birch trees, polished woods, and a faint whiff of spiced cider simmering over the hearth.

YULETIDE: A classic home for the holidays scent. Pine boughs strung with orange clove pomanders and cranberries, and then merrily wound throughout the home!

For those of you who have already placed an order for a Winter Box (8 left, BTW!) but would like candles as well, I am combining orders. The quick way to do it is to use the code WINTERCOMBO16 at the checkout for your candle order-- it will zero out shipping so you don't pay twice. (Any orders using this code that do not have a prior Winter Box order in the queue will be canceled and refunded. The Winter Box has flat rate shipping, which is why I am able to offer this service.)

Also, if I know you IRL and want to pick them up from me, the code is, as ever, PICKUP.

Anyhow, get your hands on pretty-smelling, glittery, perfect-for-gifting candles here:

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