Dec. 25th, 2016

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At 12:40pm, Nox passed very peacefully at home, surrounded by his family. We had the great fortune to find a vet who does in-home visits on Christmas, and she gently aided us in getting through the process. He was warm, pillowed by our arms, and he went easily and with many kisses.

After Friday's visit to the vet, Nox declined rather quickly. By yesterday evening, his breathing was shallow and he'd begun having problems walking. We knew it was time, and he was ready. We called the vet, put an air mattress by the Christmas tree, and he spent his last night comfortably resting with us in the glow of soft lights, which he loved.

Today, we kissed him and told him how much joy he brought us, and how he was the most beautiful cat we've ever laid eyes on. I loved him since the first moment I saw him.

I will probably post tomorrow or the day after-- a list of things I loved about him that I do not want to forget. It will doubtless be a very long list. He was my little fuzzy son, that once-in-a-lifetime special cat who just becomes part of you. My days will be very quiet now.

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