Jan. 28th, 2016

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I have been a busy lady. Juggling an 80 pc wholesale order for the mag, my own custom orders, and getting Sihaya and Company off the ground. I have a really awesome group for our first box, Soft Awakening.

Sihaya and Company Spring Box

After some consideration, the box is going to be full size and demi-sized products. I know this drives the cost up, but for a 4x a year box, I'd just rather not deal with single-use samples. My idea has always been an indie-focused version of the Popsugar box, as opposed to, say, Birchbox, anyhow. Half of the stuff I got in my Birchbox ended up in a drawer anyway.

Pre-orders start next week. I'm a bit nervous because I don't know what to expect. On one hand, I have amazing brands I am really proud of involved. On the other, $75 is not an insubstantial chunk of change for a lot of people. So I guess we'll see.

In non-work news, there's not much to report. We hibernated through the snow storm. My brother is flying in from Hawaii this weekend, so I get to see him. And also try on bridesmaids dresses, which I'm less thrilled about, because I just don't want to face my winter weight gain yet.

But overall, things are good. Knock on wood.

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